Friday, 13 January 2012

Invitation Cards

I am still doing crochet project and its going on super slow pace. My mom dad are completing their 25 years this January and I am planning a special dinner for them.. I have made some invitations card and a menu card.
I am attaching a sample of the invitation card which I have made in Microsoft word and Microsoft paint as I have no knowledge of Photoshop... I know it has so many imperfections like the curve of "you are invited to " box and colors coming out of corner...
The original I have made by hand and I will put photographs once they are complete along with menu card and seat cards. Trying to make it really special for them. I and cooking 5 course meal. Lets see if my ideas
materialize successively.
If you want to use the above invitation card, you can copy the image above ( As I don't know how to attach PDFs ..Sry) and paste in Microsoft paint, remove the imperfections then save and then paste in Microsoft word and take a print. In a single A4 sheet you can have 4 invitation cards.
More to come about the party...

Friday, 6 January 2012

Paper Pulp making

In my last post I told you about my crotchet project.. Its still under process an I think will take a long time.
Meanwhile I have made paper pulp at home that i would use to make many different decorating  things. So here is the tutorial for paper pulp making.
Things required

  • Waste papers
  • Bucket
  • Water
  • Mixer
  • Old Cotton Cloth
  • Sieve

Start with tearing papers into small small pieces and put them in bucket half filled with water. I did that at night and went to office the next day and after that my brother put all his waste papers into the bucket increasing the volume for my paper pulp...
After your papers are completely wet and also when you have time {It took me a week to move to this step :-)}, set your mixer grinder. Add water and paper(more water than paper) and start grinding the papers in small amounts. You would need to add little little water time by time or else the blades of mixer will just rotate and the papers would assemble at its top which means wastage of time and electricity and also the danger of your grinder getting very hot.

 When you don't see any clumps of paper or shredded paper, you can stop blending it. You now have paper pulp. Transfer the pulp in a seive and set aside. Now take a old cotton cloth and spread it over your sink. (the cloth wont be destroyed and can be used later for any purpose after wash). Put the pulp in center of the cloth and the wrap the cloth and squeeze hard to remove the water.

If you dont want to wait overnight, you can add paper bits in boling water and let it boil until the papers fell apart. You have watch this carefully and add extra water if necessary. 

So the final product looks like this. If you want to keep it for long like me then add a liitle salt and mix well. this will prevent molding.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Happy New Year

Its the new year and a new beginning. I hope and pray that this year brings happiness and love for all and also hope that world doesn't end in 2012 as predicted....
My last post was about the lucky stars which I was to make into a new decoration. I have made those stars but really don't have time to make them into a decorating piece. This is winters in India and I am busy with my crotchet project for my bhagu. Once its over I will put photographs of it.
Till then enjoy some printable 2012 calenders

Get the orange, one page calender here
And get the colorful with cute dolls here
Creative Mama has some very nice printable freebies. Check them on their website.

Bye & Take Care