Friday, 13 January 2012

Invitation Cards

I am still doing crochet project and its going on super slow pace. My mom dad are completing their 25 years this January and I am planning a special dinner for them.. I have made some invitations card and a menu card.
I am attaching a sample of the invitation card which I have made in Microsoft word and Microsoft paint as I have no knowledge of Photoshop... I know it has so many imperfections like the curve of "you are invited to " box and colors coming out of corner...
The original I have made by hand and I will put photographs once they are complete along with menu card and seat cards. Trying to make it really special for them. I and cooking 5 course meal. Lets see if my ideas
materialize successively.
If you want to use the above invitation card, you can copy the image above ( As I don't know how to attach PDFs ..Sry) and paste in Microsoft paint, remove the imperfections then save and then paste in Microsoft word and take a print. In a single A4 sheet you can have 4 invitation cards.
More to come about the party...

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