Friday, 9 March 2012

Love in a BOX

Valentine is long over and other festivals have come and gone but todays post is about a gift I gave on valentines but it is so versatile that it can be customised to suit any festival or occasion.
My inspiration is a wonderful site
You can check the above link to know exactly what we are going to make.... BOXES
If you can find those cute little boxes in shops around you, then great you can buy them(but only if they are cheap.. .... dots means buy them if they are really cheap) or else we can make them from shoe boxes, sweets boxes or form box or carton made with little thick material which can hold its shape.
Here I have used a shoe box.
Other material needed are Scissor, Glue, Paper, Decorating Paper, Pen/Pencil, Ruler.
1) On your cardboard make pattern for the box and its lid. Keep in mind as you are makin a square all sides would be equal. If length of your box is "a" then length for your lid would be "a+" where "+" is equal to thickness of your cardboard. Make a center square and then on all four sides make same length squares for the box and for the lid make a center square and the for the flaps the length has to be halved.

Cut these out.
2) Now cover these were normal white paper or any waste paper as this will not be visible.

3)After covering the base now paste flaps together with pieces of paper.
Once you have joined all the flaps your box is ready and similarly make the lid.
4)Now the next step is to cover the box with decorating paper from all sides.

Now the final step...
5)Making the accordion message card. It is very simple to make you just have to take a long strip of paper of width little less then"a"(hope you remember our"a" & "a+"). The length depends on the message you want to wrtite on it. Mine went a little long as I wanted to draw many things. you can write or message or display a story connected with the occasion. You can do anything on that strip but do not forget to fold it in accordion form and paste one end to lid and the last end to box(Be sure to leave a little flap at the top to adhere the strip to the lid of the box.). Do you see the ribbon in the corner I have used it to tie around my box.

Tie the box and then give it to your loved ones and see the expression on their faces as the message opens up. 

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