Thursday, 25 October 2012

Napkin + Toothpick Combo !!!

Hello everyone....
On a table at dinner along with food other things which are necessary is a napkin and in India a toothpick. So I added these both things and TADA...
This on a table looks stylish also and is of course easy to place without the fear of the napkin flying around or tooth pick getting missed.( And it is a decoration in BUDGET.. a important thing for me)
So we can make it very easily. Things that you would need are

  • Paper napkin/ Tissue paper
  • Toothpick 
  • and your hands...

Lets start
Step 1. Fold your tissue paper in a way that it becomes a rectangle of desired shape

Step 2. Fold one end of rectangle into a triangle .

Step 4. Now fold the rectangle tail in zig zag form to form a accordion.
Step 5. Now hold the object from middle and insert toothpick in center.
Now you will get your napkin +toothpick and you can also use it to assign names to the seat. Write name on a thick paper and attach in front or any customized message can also be attached on the front side.

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